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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Misconceptions about Kellogg - International student loan

Disclaimer: I have obviously become a diehard Kellogg fan. Henceforth all my posts will concentrate around Kellogg. However, all such posts will be strictly about Kellogg and will in no way be meant to disparage or spread false information about other schools. I haven't visited other schools nor will I be doing an MBA from other schools so I simply don't have the right to comment about it. All schools have their pros and cons and there is really no distinguishing between them. It's all about the fit ;).

Aside: Please refer the official Kellogg students blog at for more inside school

I hope my previous post busted some of the myths about Kellogg especially in regard to resources it provides for Entrepreneurship. In this post I will attempt to clear the air over another issue: